Tri-Star is committed to safety first and foremost.  Each superintendent has completed an OSHA 30hr course, CPR as well as completing Competent Person Excavator training.  Tri-Star strives for safety and it is reflected in our current TRIR of 0 for 2017 and Currently 0 for 2018.  Tri-Star’s last recordable incident was Oct 2016 and we are working hard to continually improve our knowledge, culture and programs.  Tri-Star believes safety is driven from the top down and safety is the responsibility of our superintendents with our safety director as a support role.  With the ability to teach OSHA 30hr and 10hr and CPR courses in house in both English and Spanish gives Tri-Star a direct advantage to training and knowledge.

Tristar Certifications:

  1. Prequalified with Oklahoma Department of Transportation

  2. Member of Associated Builders & Contractors

  3. Member Association of General Contractors

  4. Prequalified with the City of Tulsa as class “A” Contractor

  5. Demolition, Pave cut, and Curb cut Contractor for the City of Tulsa

  6. TERO Approved Contractor

  7. Prequalified as an IDP Contractor for the City of Tulsa

  8. City of Tulsa “BRIDGE” Contractor